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About this otter 🤘

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Hi. My friends describe me as an adventurous river otter with experience to back up my strong opinions.

At my day job, I’m a Security Architect who has many other responsibilities (literally all things cloud, database, network, system, and security related in addition to internal & external customer support). I have almost two decades of expertise in digital forensics, incident response, network/physical/webapp penetration testing, malware analysis, cyber threat analysis, network engineering, and enterprise system/network administration.

I have an MS from Purdue University and a BS from Purdue University.

Outside of my day job, I tinker with programming, electronics, RF, and Newton’s laws of motion a lot. My interests include amateur radio, flying, photography, and building things I find useful using a combination of Go, Elixir, Rust, Python, and Vue.js.

I’m an ally. If you don’t believe trans rights are human rights, you are an idiot.

I enjoy traveling for the journey & destination.